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"Invictus International Programme in Thailand have been avid users of Qoqolo from the conception of our school. I can honestly say this is the best School Management system I have ever used, it is efficient, user friendly and adaptive. The quality of service is outstanding."

- Claire Bell, Head of Programme of Invictus International Programme


British Council 
With Qoqolo, British Council Pre-School teachers are able to utilize Class Spaces to post quick and regular updates about what the students are doing in class, or about outings and event celebrations. Furthermore, the pre-school makes use of Announcements to notify parents of important information . Downloadable forms are also easily attached to the announcements to ensure that parents are able to view and download them when necessary.

Qoqolo has allowed the pre-school to build stronger relationships and foster effective communication with parents, giving them up-to-date information about the day-to-day activities in the pre-school, and their child’s progress. Read More

Little Skool House
"We really like this parent portal. The app is user friendly and it's got a nice interface. Photos are so much easier to view than shutterfly! Thanks for putting such a cute profile pic for Joel."

- Pei Wen, Parent of Joel and User of Little Skool-House Parent Portal

"The Kindergarten first launched it’s e-portfolio via Qoqolo in 2014.  We are pleased that we can keep abreast of new technology and be environmentally friendly by going paperless at the same time. Daily management of operations such as input and access to individual student’s profile, reports, daily attendance and temperature taking are a breeze

With Qoqolo, my teachers are able to share with parents the child’s progress in kindergarten using photos, checklist and reports. Best of all parents are pleased that they can easily access all these information at their fingertips via their smartphones or tablets."

- Mrs Lilian Teoh, Principal of Yio Chu Kang Chapel Kindergarten

"To do away with unsightly presentation and the many hours teachers spent aligning the photographs, we resorted to e-portfolio. I can confidently testify that we have achieved that as our parents are full praise for the e-portfolio. Staying current is also crucial. Qoqolo not only provide good after sale service for us but has customized the programme to meet our needs." Read More

- Catherine, Pentecost Methodist Church Kindergarten

tungling.png"We are very pleased with the services provided by CommonTown, mainly Qoqolo, as it enables our kindergarten to have an online portal to communicate better with our parents. Our administrative matters are also more organised and the online portal is made easily accessible to us and parents. We also like that documentations such as progress reports and portfolios can also be easily created on the Qoqolo system as there are ready made templates available."

- Mrs Tay, Head Admin Manager of Tung Ling Kindergarten

"The implementation of a Childcare Management System with Qoqolo was a great experience. They shared several grants available to our company and made it exceptionally easy for us to apply for the grant of our choice. Always willing to answer questions and accommodate requests, Qoqolo clearly puts its clients first.”

- Gregory Scott, Chief Operating Officer of G8 Education Singapore Pte Ltd

"It cuts down on paper wastage and most importantly, we do not have to allocate space to store those papers for years especially when we have space constraint. For parents who are unable to attend the twice-yearly Parent-teacher-meeting, Qoqolo system allows parents to view their children's portfolios using their devices anywhere and anytime."

- Judy Lim, Principal of Pu Hui Kindergarten

Saint Elmo's Childcare
Qoqolo has helped to increase convenience for the centre’s teachers. Using Qoqolo, teachers can work on portfolios in school, at home, or even on the go, without having to carry at least 20 large files around. For the principal, it is also easier to vet the observations and foliettes as it will all be in a centralized system , so there is no need to pass around hard copies of observations or thumbdrives. This saves a lot of time for both the teachers and the principal.

Qoqolo has helped Saint Elmo’s Childcare to save time and resources, reducing the hassle involved in printing and filing hardcopy portfolios for each child in preparation for Parent-Teacher Meetings.