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Case Study: Pentecost Methodist Church Kindergarten

About Pentecost Methodist Church Kindergarten


In 2014, Pentecost Methodist Church Kindergarten tapped into ECDA’s funding to set up an e-portfolio system and provided good after-sale service. In 2017, about 6 to 7 Methodist centres went on board with Qoqolo by CommonTown. Besides supporting e-portfolio for our students, the vendor, Qoqolo by Commontown did up a new website for PMCK.


Portfolios produced in hard copy do not reflect very well in the centre if photographs are not properly aligned. To do away with unsightly presentation and the many hours teachers spent aligning the photographs, PMCK resorted to ePortfolio. I can confidently testify that we have achieved that as our parents are full of praise for the ePortfolio. Qoqolo by Commontown is constantly progressing and now our parents are able to download and have the ePortfolios printed.

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Staying relevant

Qoqolo by Commontown not only provided well after-sale service for us but also customized the programme to meet our needs. Recently, we embarked on eRegistration and they have customized our registration form into the system. This year besides rolling out the eRegistration, we also embarked on event booking whereby our parents book their time slot for Parent-Teacher Conference. In the past, teachers have to work out a schedule and advise parents who may request to change the time slot if the timing does not suit them. With the event booking, the parent chooses their preferred time slot which saved so much hassle from our teachers.