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Solutions for Your Preschool

Qoqolo Student

An application developed for parents in order to increase communication between parents and teachers. Parents will be able to receive announcements and regular updates about their child’s progress in school on their smartphones. Parents can also view their child's foliettes and portfolio reports using this application.

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Qoqolo School


An application that allows teachers to easily send announcements to parents and evaluate each child’s development on the go. Qoqolo School also helps you to build portfolios for each child in a few simple steps – by snapping a photo of a child’s artwork, uploading it via the application, and tagging the child to keep parents updated on their child’s progress. 


Qoqolo Logbook


Record the check-in and check-out process of students and staff members as they enter and leave the centre. Visitors can also register easily on the application when they visit the school. 


Qoqolo Media Uploader

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Upload photographs of class activities and children’s artworks easily with this application. The Qoqolo Media Uploader makes updating children’s foliettes and class spaces as easy as ABC!