The SMART companion for your preschool!
Qoqolo is a one-stop-shop preschool management system 
for centres to accelerate their digital transformation.
  • Easy Deployment
  • Paperless Storage
  • Information On-The-Go
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Simplified Management
  • Automatic and Instant Updates
  • Capture Learning Journey
  • Effective Communications
  • Multilingual Support
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Management at a glance

Want to have an overview of all your students and staff?

View and manage students and staff all at once with Student Records and User Management!

Easily manage multiple schools at once with our multi-tenant system that allows you to have an overview of all your centres.

Fee management allows you to manage your centre fees, and collect payments conveniently through multiple payment modes!

Reports created in just a few clicks

Are you spending too much time on generating progress reports for each child at the end of the semester?

Generate reports for attendance, portfolios and health records in just a few simple steps!

Everything is paperless and online, so creating reports will be a breeze. Portfolios have never been so easy to create! Parents will be able to view reports on the Qoqolo Student App.

Administrative tasks at your fingertips  

Do you find taking attendance and temperature for your students too time-consuming?

Attendance and temperature taking will no longer be a hassle with the Qoqolo School App! Mark attendance by classes and view each student’s attendance records online.

Our Bluetooth thermometer can be synced to the App for you to record temperatures easily.

Teacher-Parent Communication

Need to inform parents of announcements and updates?

The announcements page allows you to broadcast updates to parents online, saving time and paper! Push notifications can also be sent out as updates are posted.

Class spaces will also provide parents with constant updates about class activities, and parents will be able to view them on our Qoqolo Student App.

Save Time for Teaching

Are you spending too much time generating progress reports for each child at the end of the semester?

In 3 steps, you can record students' learning journeys by simply capturing their artwork in a photograph, adding a caption, and tagging a student.

You can also easily evaluate students' participation in class on the go using the Qoqolo School App. Evaluated developmental checklists will be stored, and evaluation reports can be easily generated.

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Our Customers

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Hear what our users say...

- Claire Bell, Head of Programme of Invictus International Programme

"Invictus International Programme in Thailand have been avid users of Qoqolo from the conception of our school. I can honestly say this is the best School Management system I have ever used, it is efficient, user friendly and adaptive. The quality of service is outstanding."

- Gregory Scott, Chief Operating Officer of G8 Education Singapore Pte Ltd

“The implementation of a Childcare Management System with Qoqolo was a great experience. They shared several grants available to our company and made it exceptionally easy for us to apply for the grant of our choice. Always willing to answer questions and accommodate requests, Qoqolo clearly puts its clients first.”

- Judy Lim, Principal of Pu Hui Kindergarten

"It cuts down on paper wastage and most importantly, we do not have to allocate space to store those papers for years especially when we have space constraint. For parents who are unable to attend the twice-yearly Parent-teacher-meeting, Qoqolo system allows parents to view their children's portfolios using their devices anywhere and anytime."

- Mrs Tay, Head Admin Manager of Tung Ling Kindergarten

"We are very pleased with the services provided by CommonTown, mainly Qoqolo, as it enables our kindergarten to have an online portal to communicate better with our parents. Our administrative matters are also more organised and the online portal is made easily accessible to us and parents. We also like that documentations such as progress reports and portfolios can also be easily created on the Qoqolo system as there are ready made templates available."

- Catherine, Pentecost Methodist Church Kindergarten

"To do away with unsightly presentation and the many hours teachers spent aligning the photographs, we resorted to e-portfolio. I can confidently testify that we have achieved that as our parents are full praise for the e-portfolio. Staying current is also crucial. Qoqolo not only provide good after sale service for us but has customized the programme to meet our needs."

How Qoqolo Started

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The iK.21 Project is a collaboration between MOE, IDA, and CommonTown. iK.21 integrates the use of information and communications technology (ICT) to develop classrooms that enhance the learning experiences and environment of preschool children. The project helps young children to be Infocomm-ready, and prevents them from being left behind when they progress to the next phase of their education.

Through the iK.21 project, many common difficulties that preschool teachers face came to light, and Qoqolo was created as a solution to address these problems by increasing productivity of preschool teachers, and strengthening parent-teacher communication.