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The Early Childhood Digitalisation Grant (ECDG) under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is provided to EC licensed preschool operators to help them implement SMART and other solutions that will enhance productivity, support educators and improve service delivery. Funding is provided on a reimbursement basis to defray the cost of implementing pre-approved solutions identified in the Early Childhood Industry Digital Plan (IDP):

  • IDP Stage 1 Preschool Management Systems ( “Smart Solutions” ); and/or
  • IDP Stage 1 E-enrolment/E-Forms & Stage 2 Pre-approved solutions ( “Funded Initiatives ”).

Funding application will be assessed based on operators’ UEN and number of centres registered under each UEN, as indicated in the grant application form.

The grant supports up to 50% of costs to implement pre-approved IDP Stage 1 and Stage 2 solutions, unless otherwise stated. 

Operators may submit one application per solution category in each IDP Stage.

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