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Star Learners Child Care

About Star Learners Child Care

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Established since 2003, Star Learners believe in Inspiring Heroes. Their integrated StarbeamTM curriculum uses authentic, award-winning literature to harness the magic of stories to engage a child. Star Learners started looking for a stable pre-school system so it is easier to connect and sync all the centres together. In 2018, Qoqolo and Star Learners came together to make the necessary improvements.


School & Logo App.png We have various Qoqolo apps for the teachers and parents to use. Qoqolo School App eases the daily routines of teachers and principals in Star Learners. Temperature taking details, healthy records and attendance are all included. Qoqolo Logbook App makes the sign-in/sign-out process of students and staff members of schools quick and simple!

The Star Learners Parent App was specially designed for Star Learners’ parents to improve centre-parent engagement such as:
  • Student’s development on latest class space posts, activities, calendar events
  • View latest announcements , calendar events
  • View recent sign-in/out of the child
  • Fees status
  • Event Booking
  • eConsent

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Star Learners Team use Qoqolo to automate workflow to solve their daily operation issues and connect with parents. Some of our highlight features are mentioned below.   

Parents can consent via Qoqolo Parent App for their children to attend activities such as school excursions, enrichment, annual photography sessions or concerts. Teachers can track attendees, add events automatically to the calendar and assign fee collection. There is no more hassle!

Once an event is created by the school, parents can use Qoqolo Parent App to view available time slots and do event booking. Parent Teacher Conference can be arranged in an orderly manner for both teachers and parents.

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eConsent via Qoqolo Parent App


Event Booking

Customized eEnquiry is integrated with Star Learners' corporate website. All enquiries will be consolidated for the centres to follow up. This workflow becomes a one-stop where parents can register and enrol their children into Star Learners. With fee module included, NETS is one of the options to make payment. With the add-on NETS integration, the fee payment becomes seamless now!

eEnquiry Workflow (final-1).jpg
Stepping up during COVID-19
All pre-schools are required to adhere to safety measures to keep the children and staff safe. With our contactless Bluetooth Infra-red Thermometer , it was easy to integrate with Temperature Taking and Travel & Health Declaration information.

Qoqolo team also stayed in contact with Star Learners regularly to look into modules that could be utilised to assist the centres better. The teachers can have tighter communication with the parents during this period.

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Qoqolo Team working with Star Learners Team  

Since 2018, Qoqolo’s technology has assisted Star Learners to expand from 34 to 41 centres. Now with more than 3000 children enrolled and over 500 dedicated staff members, the focus is still to make life easy for the staff and parents. We look forward to keep improving the modules and features to support the growth of Star Learners’ team!