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About FinlandWay® Schools

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Finland is well known to have one of the best early childhood education in the world.  

Children are not expected to memorize learning items to thrive in primary school education. They are taught to find joy in learning and in wellbeing, to help them to participate better in society in the future. FinlandWay® work in partnership with local quality school operators on franchising or licensing model. They provide the Finnish early education curriculum, teacher training and support while the local schools provide the local teachers and resources. 

Meeting FinlandWay® is an amazing kickstart project for Qoqolo. We get to witness how Singapore's technology works hand in hand with Finland’s methodology to help preschools worldwide. Find out more below!

Key Solutions


Working with different countries’ preschool providers, Qoqolo stepped in with its features to provide customisation for FinlandWay® Schools. 4 languages were translated for these schools: French, Spanish, Vietnamese and Portuguese.

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Lesson Plans

This allows schools to upload their lesson plans within Qoqolo App. It can be arranged by term/week/daily. Teachers can upload lessons resources to recap for future purposes too. 

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All centres will use the announcement platform to communicate important information to the parents. Teachers may check the number of users who have viewed the announcement. Users who have yet to read the announcement will be listed too.  

Teachers can make sure of this feature to involve parents with children’s activity. Such as “Take Home Activities”, “Forms” can be viewed or downloaded.  If parents are logged into The FinlandWay® app, they would receive a push notification informing them that a new post has been posted in the class space.

The Future 

FinlandWay® Schools are expanding worldwide to countries such as India, Egypt, Bolivia, Latin America etc. Qoqolo team is working towards more customization for different school term dates. The different schools can view different lesson plans and learning objectives customized to the local students. Qoqolo Team is determined to help FinlandWay® to set a consistent standard across all their preschools and operations!

If any of your schools are interested to customise your school management system, Qoqolo may be an ideal platform just for your team! You can contact us here.